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The Why

As a passionate content marketer, I can’t stand this noise anymore.

I’m fed up with reading the same superficial listicles on marketing over and over again. Even worse, wasting my time on content written by people who have no idea what they are talking about.

That’s right…

The media is saturated with click-bait BS. Blogs are heavily commercialized and mainly geared to beginners. 95% of content on marketing is either nothing new or the basics written by amateurs.

You think sites like GrowthHackers and Inbound have got you covered? You’d be surprised how much critically important content doesn’t even make it there.

All of this brings me to…

The Best Digest for Content Marketing Pros

Every other week or so, you’ll receive the best round-up (I honestly believe it’s the best) of trends and actionable strategies in content marketing and other marketing domains that complement it.

You’ll learn about the latest updates to Google’s algorithm and implications for SEO, the most recent research on user behavior, new case studies for content distribution, marketing automation, AI adoption, and more.

My goal is to broaden your perspective on marketing and the media world, and give you a big-picture view of where these industries are headed.

Not only that, this round-up is packed with advanced strategies and techniques for growth that are not yet widespread and can immediately be applied to your efforts.

How It Works

I monitor 24/7 a Twitter list of more than 500 hand-picked influencers in the industry, blogs of the sharpest marketing minds, and engage in both free and paid marketing communities.

Each digest is put together based on strict criteria so it contains only the latest findings and information that provides value to content marketing professionals.

The round-up is designed not to take more than two hours to read. My goal is to provide you (and myself) with nothing but the most condensed and valuable knowledge that will help you and me stay ahead of the competition.

The Editor

I’m Dainius Runkevicius, a content marketer who has launched two blogs that generated over ten million visits and were successfully sold.

I’ve written for or partnered with The Huffington Post, The Next Web, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, Business Insider, Investopedia, Creativebloq, and Net Magazine.

I’ve consulted dozens of companies, including Google, and have helped two New York Times best-selling authors build email lists of 50,000+ subscribers.

Now I’ll serve you the best knowledge on content marketing you can find on the web.

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Look, I’m not doing this for money. I won’t put you on a drip with some marketing BS either. I don’t care if my list size is in five or six figures. I just love what I do, and I want to share. Are you in?